Culture: An American Yogurt Company

Culture: An American Yogurt Company. Those are big shoes to fill. This fro yo spot on 5th Avenue in Park Slope is claiming to be an American yogurt company. I feel like I’m about to watch a PBS documentary with that title. But you know what?! It is pretty damn amazing. It was fresh, smooth, and light. I decided to walk home from Atlantic Ave and Pacific St the beautiful day I decided to try this gourmet looking frozen yogurt cafe. As I waited in line for my little taste of what will be a delightful experience of frozen yogurt, the light fixtures began to shake. Yes it was the day of the earthquake, which made me enjoy my frozen yogurt that much more.

Culture only has a few flavors but they change daily. This day they had Guava Passionfruit, Original, Strawberry and Cherry. They offer an abundant amount of mix-ins to add to the yogurt, though I think it takes away from the best experience of the yogurt itself. I ordered the Guava Passionfruit. It was so flavorful I thought I was biting into the fruits themselves, but they were frozen, mixed together and I didn’t have to chew. I don’t know how to explain the feeling except that it was AMAZING! The little store is very welcoming, the line moves slow, but the associates make the time seem to fly by. The prices were slightly above reasonable but the kiddie portion was just right. I’m not one of those people who need a large ice cream or frozen yogurt. I don’t quite understand it. It’s just too much cold.

The atmosphere was simply delightful and mellow. The staff friendly and helpful. Most importantly, the frozen yogurt was above  and beyond par and probably in the top 5 of my favorite fro yo places in the city. All I can ask for are more flavors, but hey, it’s a mom and pop so lets support them and in time I’m sure my wishes will be granted. I suggest you get the loyalty card and start getting those boxes punched. Definitely, a place in Brooklyn you need to visit.

Culture: An American Yogurt Company 331 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 718-499-0207\cultureny\cultureny

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